Saturday, November 28, 2009

Conversations with a Two Year Old

Below are some recent conversations with our son James who turned two in October.

On Priorities

Mommy: Are you Mommy's baby?
James: No Way!
Mommy: (feeling sad and hurt) You're not Mommy's baby?
James: No Way!
Daddy: Are you Daddy's baby?
James: No Way!
Daddy: Is that because James is a little Boy and not a baby?
James: No Way!
Daddy: Is James a big boy?
James: No Way!
Mommy: Does James like cookies?
James: (without hesitation) Yes!

More on Possession is 9/10 the Law

James: (having finished his own dessert of Chocolate pudding, eyes Mommy's) James'
Mommy: The chocolate pudding is James'?
James: (reaching for Mommy's chocolate pudding) James'
Mommy: Does this look like James'?
James: Yes!

On Telling Time

Daddy: (asking James, but really expecting a response from Mommy sitting nearby) James, what time is it?
James: (without hesitation) Four o'clock
Daddy: (knowing it is at least 5:30, but rather shocked by James' response) Four o'clock? What's four o'clock?
James: Four twenty.
Daddy: Four twenty? How does James know how to tell time?
James: (giggles)

It's What's for Breakfast

Daddy: (James having just finished eating a waffle.) James, are you done?
James: (shaking his head) No.
Daddy: Are you still hungry? Would you like something else?
James: Yes.
Daddy: What would you like?
James: French fries, ketchup, chicken.
Daddy: (trying hard not to laugh) French fries, ketchup and chicken????? For breakfast?
James: Yes.
Daddy: (trying harder to stifle the laughter) How about some cereal?
James: No. French fries, ketchup, chicken.
Daddy: (doubles over with laughter)
James: (laughs with Daddy)

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Mama10EE said...

How cute! We miss him so much (and you all too)