Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Change Pot Tuesday

Change Pot Tuesday is a weekly recap of finding money that other people have lost. However, it is more than just picking up pennies and collecting lost change. For those readers and followers who have begun following the Change Pot midway, Change Pot Tuesday is about charity. When the Change Pot reaches $100, it will be donated to charity and the process will be started all over again. Loyal readers and followers will have an opportunity to help me choose which charity will receive the money accumulated in the Change Pot. While, I don't expect to change the world with the Change Pot, I do hope to help a charity in some small way.

Although we have not posted to the Change Pot for the past few weeks because of our move, we have continued finding change and adding to the Change pot. Below is a recap of the lost money finds for the last few weeks.

Week Ending Tuesday, October 6, 2009.
$0.07 Total - A penny at the Sheetz on Route 7 in Morgantown on the Saturday of our move to Baltimore. A nickel in the basement near the washer and dryer after we emptied the majority of the basement into the moving truck. A second penny in the back of the moving truck left from the previous rental.

Week Ending Tuesday, October 13, 2009.
$0.06 Total - Five pennies at the 7-11 convenience store in Sandy Spring, MD. Later, a penny at the Subway outside of Clarksville, MD on Route 108.

Week Ending Tuesday, October 20, 2009.
$0.12 Total - Found a dime in our washing machine after doing a load of laundry. That afternoon, James found a penny in the parking lot of our apartment complex. On Sunday, I found another penny in the parking lot.

Week Ending Tuesday, October 27, 2009.
$0.07 Total - On Sunday, we went to the Towson Town Center (the Mall). I found a nickel in the parking lot, and later two pennies on a ledge outside of the glass elevator.

Week Ending Tuesday, November 3, 2009.
$0.00 Total - A big goose egg for this week as we spent more time trying to get settled than we did going places where we would find money.

Week Ending Tuesday, November 10, 2009.
$0.17 Total - On Thursday, I found a dime next to a self serve newspaper vending machine on Charles Street near Downtown Baltimore. On Friday, we found a nickel and a penny in the parking lot of our apartment complex. On Sunday, I found a penny on the floor in a Bob Evans restaurant in Easton, MD while on the way home from Ocean City.

YTD Total: $23.03

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