Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From the Mind / Mouth of a Two Year Old

Some recent conversations I have had with our son James.

What We Learn at School
Daddy: Did you have fun at school today?
James: Yep!
Daddy: Yep? What is this yep?
James: (no response)
Daddy: James, we say yes or sure. We don't say yep. Do you understand?
James: Yep!
Daddy: Where did you learn that?
James: (no response)
Daddy: Did one of your new friends at school teach you that?
James: Um? Yep!

Learning Our Colors
James: (pointing to Daddy's car) Daddy's car.
Daddy: Yes. That's very good James. What color is Daddy's car?
James: Green
Daddy: No. Mommy's car is green. Daddy's car is grey.
James: No. Daddy's car green.
Daddy: James, you know what color green is. Daddy's car is grey, not green.
James: Daddy's car green.
(Continue this a few more times)
Daddy: (Sighs and gives up) Ok. Daddy's car is green.
James: No, Daddy's car grey!

Possession is 9/10 of the Law
Daddy buys James vanilla soft serve ice cream at Friendly's. Daddy gets a scoop of blueberry ice cream

James: (pointing to Daddy's ice cream) uhhhhh! uuuuuhhhhh! uuuuuh!
Daddy: James, use your words. Daddy can't understand you.
James: Daddy's ice cream. uhhhhh! uuuuuuhhhhhh! uuuuuh!
Daddy: Would James like a taste of Daddy's ice cream?
James: Shore (sure).
Daddy: (gives James a taste of his ice cream)
James: (reaches over and takes Daddy's bowl)
Daddy: James, that's Daddy's ice cream. Here is your ice cream.
James: (putting bowl on the other side of him away from Daddy) No! James' ice cream!
Daddy: James you have your own ice cream. Give Daddy his ice cream back.
James: No! James' ice cream!
Daddy: (sighs and gives up. Goes back to counter to purchase another scoop of blueberry ice cream for himself.)

On Pooping
Daddy: (smells something stinky) James, did you poop?
James: No.
Daddy: Are you lying?
James: Yes.

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Mama10EE said...

TOO FUNNY! There are a lot more to come trust me. It's great :)